Extrudex Aluminum is a privately owned company first formed in 1980. Our emphasis on excellence and adherence to the needs of our customers has helped us to become a leader in the aluminum extrusion industry.

To date, we service large- and small-scale industrial applications primarily through Central & Eastern Canada and the United States. However, our reputation has often expanded our customer footprint across North America.

Our extensive manufacturing capability is currently bolstered by three individual plants which combine to accrue more than 800,000 square feet of high-standard, high-capacity production output. Combined, our dedicated workforce is composed of 550 personnel that operate in multiple shifts to fully service the precise needs of all our esteemed customers.

Extrudex Aluminum expanded from our original facility to a larger building.
A manufacturing operation was purchased in St. Nicholas, Quebec.
A new plant was constructed in North Jackson, Ohio.
A new head office and plant was established in Woodbridge, Ontario.

As a flexible, diversified, and client-focused leader, Extrudex Aluminum is structured to fulfill your specific needs.

In totality, the Extrudex Aluminum group covers over 800,000 sq. ft. of production capability. Our annual output exceeds 80,000 metric tonnes. Equipped with extrusion presses that range in container size from 7-inches through 13-inches, we can supply your requirements for shapes weighing from 0.100 to 35 pounds per foot.

Extrudex Aluminum can produce a wide variety of surface finishes from basic mill finish (as extruded) to clear and coloured anodizing. We also offer a range of paint colours, in both wet and powder.

Extrudex Aluminum services a comprehensive range of industries including industrial, commercial & residential construction, transportation, electrical, machinery equipment, the distribution sector and more. Our strategically located production sites are prepared to efficiently serve their respective regional industry requirements.


Our enduring, high-performance, precision aluminum extrusions satisfy numerous applications across a variety of industries, combining complex designs and premium engineering to lay the foundations for our clients’ final products.