Quality Aluminum Extrusions

Extrudex Aluminum was founded in 1980 by Ciro Gucciardi with a determination to manufacture quality aluminum extrusions and provide superior service. Years of building up the new company have resulted in a respectable industrial achievement.

Extrudex Aluminum,

Quality Aluminum Extrusions

The Company has expanded several times since its inception. In 1984, Extrudex Aluminum moved from its original facility to a larger building; in 1994, a manufacturing operation was purchased in Quebec; in 1998, a new site was constructed in Ohio; and in the year 2000, a new head office and plant was built in Woodbridge, Ontario.

The Extrudex Aluminum group covers over 500,000 sq.ft. with an annual output capacity in excess of 80,000 metric tonnes.  With extrusion presses ranging in container size from 7" through 13" we are able to supply your requirements on shapes weighing from 0.100 up to 35 pounds per foot.

A wide variety of surface finishes and colours are available.  From basic mill finish (as extruded) to clear and coloured anodizing as well as a wide variety of paint colours in both wet and powder.

Quality work has positioned our Company as one of the leaders of the Aluminum extrusion industry.  As a flexible, diversified, and client-focused leader, Extrudex Aluminum will fulfill your specific needs.

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